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Experience Matters

Over 30 Years of Launching products in the Beauty/Lifestyle Industry


Heather Mascaren has a proven track record of 30 years plus, working with the top 10 largest Cosmetic companies in the beauty business world.

DO YOU WANT RESULTS?  It starts with a great coach who can provide proven results in sales consulting, coaching and training techniques.  We can revamp any product line to shine once again!

Heathers system is not in books, manuals or white papers. It’s a unique, personal hands on approach with real impact on behavioral change perfected over many years. Call us now if you are looking for real sales growth that will improve your profit.

We have worked with all major retailers past and present launching many of the prestige product brands as well as mass marketed brands at various locations and venues.

“MASCAREN“ has been in business for over 30 years, employing many of the professionals in the Industry.  She has had a roster of over 1,000 employees during this time.

Throughout her vast experience, Heather Mascaren has been honored by the Canadian Government for outstanding achievement after being in business for less than 1 year.

“MASCAREN“  has made a difference for many companies in the luxury beauty business in the various capacities from marketing at retail, media and digital.

Heather possesses a great international knowledge, allowing her to work with many clients anywhere in the world on product launches and PR activities.

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